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Our digital universe is tipped to generate more than 400 trillion gigabytes of data by 2020 as we move further into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  
While this presents many new possibilities to tap into a greater pool of information, it’s also a cause for concern for enterprises as they struggle to store, manage and access vast amounts of data.
In a bid to cope with this massive expansion, businesses are making agility a top priority and are searching for methods, approaches and solutions which will keep them on top of this revolution.  
The answer lies in equipping data centres for this new age. The Solidfire all-flash array is built for the next generation data centre. It enables you to deploy your applications and capabilities faster with greater agility and performance to ensure you evolve as quickly as our digital universe.  
Download our infographic to find out: 
  • How Solidfire can evolve your traditional data centre to a next generation data centre
  • Why 82% of enterprises now rely on infrastructure automation
  • The real impact of the widespread move to Cloud on your IT 


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